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I am excited for you to join the shared journey of this blog for exploring various dynamic issues of life together.

First Blog Post

In the first posting in Leaves of the City I invite everyone and anyone to consider what I have found to be the most profound, life-empowering, and glorious truth in all the world: God IS love – and God loves us!

There is a great deal of God-talk – today, too, the world round. Some of it can be confusing; some of it may not be so inviting. But, the true heart and essence of God is a simply profound and glorious matter.

Based on God’s own revelation of God’s heart, I believe that God IS love – unconditional love. The implications are astounding!

I encourage you to fuel your own quest for meaning in life by exploring this reflection on Knowing the God Who Is Love.


The quest of getting to know Jesus better has enthralled me for decades. On the most basic heart-level, this is an intensely personal journey. This is also a matter of seeking, reflecting, growing – ultimately, learning from Jesus himself.

In various reflections on Jesus, I seek to point us in that direction, to discover and rediscover all that Jesus offers us all!

First, this is all about knowing the original Jesus, himself, by how he himself lived. In my series Vintage Jesus, I invite you into this adventure of getting to know the original Jesus, again, more deeply, or for the first time…

Contemporary Culture

I am passionate for human culture, and the diverse cultures of the world!  I explore dynamics of contemporary culture in my series, Culture Contact.  My first posting in this series is inspired by contemporary prophetic expressions of a Restless Gospel in mainstream culture.


I explore some of my favorite themes in this blog in the form of various series. Each series features several postings to explore these topics from multiple dynamic angles.

In the first of these series I describe what I believe to be the greatest potentials for Waves of Renewal for Our Time. Renewal of what, why, and how? Check out the postings to see…

In another free- ranging series, I explore some of the “stuff” of every-day life which does not necessarily “fit” neatly into some other more specialized focus or priority – but may feature some surprising meaning. It’s all about Living Life for all the good it offers…

Please see the Series page for all topics and more details.

Watch for future highlights to be added to this page.  I also recommend you check out the full Archive, which lists all previous posts to this blog.

“…and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the cultures.”

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