This blog seeks to encourage anyone seeking meaning and hope,

by exploring matters of life, faith, and culture,

as inspired by the original, living Jesus,

and wisdom from God’s biblical vision for life,

for living in today’s world.



Michael Brands Headshot

Michael Brands holds a Ph.D. in Bible, focusing on Jesus’ ministry, New Testament studies, and the biblical vision as a whole. He is the author of The Life and Ministry of Jesus as Enactment of the Great Commission, an in-depth explanation of Jesus’ original mission according to the witness of Matthew’s Gospel and how this forms Jesus’ vision for his followers. Dr. Brands and his family have lived in Los Angeles, India, and the Twin Cities of Minnesota. He has served as pastor of a multi-ethnic urban church, a teacher in inter-cultural contexts, a college professor, and an author. He writes and teaches on Jesus, God’s kingdom, the biblical life-vision, social ethics, and cultural renewal. He is also a passionate fan of the arts, enjoys playing strategic board games with friends, and is a sports enthusiast.