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I am passionate for human culture, and the diverse cultures of the world!

Here we find a great deal of what is most beautiful and noble of the human spirit. Here we find much brokenness and searching, sometimes in lamenting, often in hoping. Here we need to walk together through the pain. Here we can embrace together much of the quest for all the good we seek most.

My first post in this series is inspired by contemporary prophetic impulses in mainstream culture, and is a kind of confession. Here I share something of a window on my soul’s honest struggle in this world. In doing so, I hope we can consider together how wrestling with such matters is not a bad thing – but actually paves the road of hope. Here I encourage us all to reflect and dream into the Restless Gospel

Please also stay tuned for more posts in this series…

Posts In This Series
Restless Gospel
A Beauty-Full Life
Civil Righteousness
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“…and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the cultures.”

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