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Living Life

I found it difficult to title this series. There’s no such thing as “just” living life. Everything is about living life. Well, ok, good – so I call this series Living Life.

It is not that other topics that I write on are not about living life – they ARE, and I believe so in very 
important ways. So what’s unique about THIS series, Living Life? Maybe it’s a catch-all where I collect posts that don’t focus as specifically or directly on the particular topic of other series – so be it. There are times when such topics simply call out for attention in all of our lives.

Actually, that’s the clue to how there IS something more specific I am trying to get at in this series. 
There are matters of life – simple joys, amusing fun, challenging opportunities, lamentable experiences, surprises, the stuff of every day, and so on – which do not necessarily “fit” neatly into some other more specialized focus or priority, but… Whether they are not the first goals of our profession, or perhaps not the most momentous events, they nonetheless deserve our attention and exploration. It may well turn out that such matters offer some surprising meaning in the midst of the mundane…

Take winter, for example, which I feature in my first post in this series. Nothing can be more 
mundane: Empty, cold, wind-swept landscapes, which can connote more the notion of “nothing” than anything noteworthy. And yet, the wintry seasons of life can give birth to some of life’s most profound surprises. Winter can be a good time to ask, “Do you believe in miracles?” Please consider my musings on this matter in Winter Realities (Miracles).

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