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Bushes Still Burning

This series of reflections explores how God meets us through the natural creation and other such wonder-full ways.

That is what Moses of old encountered in something as natural as a dry bush burning in a hot desert. Here, God sets a bush ablaze with a fire that does not burn out, to ignite a vision in Moses’ heart that cannot die out. Here, God speaks to this shepherd, a murderer actually, and reveals God’s name: YHWH. Here is a deep wonder indeed…

Similarly, in this world which also points beyond itself, in our hearts which also seek something transcending the material, we can also walk and live by faith, not merely by physical sight (2nd Corinthians 5). We can trust in the good God who created us to enjoy life.

It is here, even for those who do not believe or feel they do not know how to trust, that we can find ourselves experiencing the creation inviting us to embrace its song of God’s goodness. Here, we can marvel into surpassing glories, so full of wonder they point to a God of sheer beauty and life, and therefore a God of hope…

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