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Bible Vistas

These brief Bible Vistas sketch a panoramic vision of a specific Bible topic.
I hope these breath-taking experiences will inspire us to dig deeper into the biblical vision.
I seek here to grasp biblical meaning through God’s love and Messiah Jesus and his living Spirit.
In this way, I believe we can breathe in God’s Spirit-life through God’s Messiah-centered word, as in Paul’s letters to Timothy, 2 Tim 1:1-14, 3:16-17).

I hope this spiritual seeking will yield Spirit-powerful fruits in our lives (Gal 5).
I pray this empowers us to follow this life-vision more widely.
And so I challenge us in Jesus’ Spirit to live this faith and missional service more fully and passionately in the world.

Posts in this Series
Acts of the Kingdom
Invisible Footprints of Hope (Part 1)
Wrestling – Invisible Footprints of Hope (Part 2)
Remembering – Invisible Footprints of Hope (Part 3)
Hoping – Invisible Footprints of Hope (Part 4)



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